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Customer Reviews

Dr. Hal Phillips

“Anybody in agriculture needs a partner in the lending department and fortunately what is unique about Farm Credit is they pay you for your partnership, and they pay you well for your partnership and for your business.”

Wendy Petteway

“We learned that whether you are a large producer or a small producer, Farm Credit has got very competitive interest rates, they are very easy to work with and the patronage dividend is just good business.”

Jacob Larson

“Farm Credit has done whatever was necessary to make sure they took care of the customer. It means a lot to producers like me.”

Jim Farley

“When you deal with Farm Credit you're not dealing with some banker in Montana, who has no bearing on what you're doing down here in Florida. It is great to have somebody local that knows first-hand what you're needs are and what your expectations are.”

Alex Johns

“I enjoy knowing I am part of a long legacy, and Farm Credit has helped me ensure the legacy carries on.”

Millie Carlton Bolin

Roman III Ranches / C&B Cattle of Hardee
“We are all on the same page," Bolin said. “We are all working together and doing all we can to keep doing what we're doing.”

Woody Larson

Larson Dairy
“We like that Farm Credit has been dedicated to the business of agriculture for generations.”

Michael Griffin

“Farm Credit understands the cattle industry, and they always listen to the needs of farmers and ranchers.”