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Equipment Loans & Leasing

Equipment Loans

You have a job to do and need the tools to get it done. Our Farm Credit EXPRESS program lets you apply for financing from Farm Credit of Florida while at your local dealership. It's one-stop shopping so you can get back to business sooner. Why Farm Credit EXPRESS?

  • On the spot financing at your local dealership
  • Get approval for a farm equipment loan in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Take advantage of dealer discounts and still pay low rates and fees on your loan.
  • Get great rates and terms for used and new equipment financing—fixed rates with no prepayment penalties.

When you use our Farm Credit EXPRESS program, you still get all the benefits of being a Farm Credit of Florida member, like patronage refunds, loan officers who know you and your business, and solid, dependable financing. Update your old equipment today and keep your operation running efficiently.

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Equipment Leasing

Leasing is an excellent way to save costs, improve cash flow, avoid equipment obsolescence, free up capital and gain tax advantages.

We provide leasing for virtually all equipment and machinery used in agriculture: tractors, combines, farm implements, dairy equipment, grain bins, above-ground irrigation systems, trucks, processing equipment, packaging equipment and material handling equipment. Our broad range of flexible, easy-to-use leasing solutions can help you meet your financial objectives.

  • No downpayment
  • Payments based on equipment use 
  • Custom lease terms
  • You determine the length of the lease
  • Upon expiration of your lease, you may elect to buy the equipment, renew your lease or return the equipment for a newer model.
  • Already have the equipment? Ask about a sale-leaseback.

We also provide leasing for buildings and vehicles.

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Cash vs . Lease

Planning to pay cash for your next equipment purchase? Consider leasing instead. Download our Cash vs. Lease PDF

Why Buy When You Can Lease?

Avoid the upfront costs of buying the equipment you need to run your business. Consider these perks to leasing equipment. Download our Why Buy PDF.

Leasing FAQ

Check out our frequently asked questions on equipment leasing. We answer your top 13 questions. Download the FAQ PDF

Lower Your Taxes

One of the best reasons to lease equipment is that it can reduce the amount you'll have to pay in taxes. Download the Lower Your Taxes PDF

Leasing Flexible Financing Options

Check out your options at the end of your lease term. Download the Financing PDF

You Can Lease Just About Anything

Review a sampling of items that you can lease—from agriculture, nursery, office, or transportation. Download the Leasing PDF.

Your Guide to Essential Equipment

Want to make country living easier? Get our Guide to Essential Equipment for Easy Country Living. Download the guide


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