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Payment Options

Life is busy. We understand. That’s why we created a full range of easy-to-use services that allow you to manage your time and money. We pride ourselves on customer service and we have a full range of services available to our members.

Payment Options


Digital Banking Online

As a Farm Credit of Florida member, you can access account information online with Digital Banking.

  • View your account history, balances, and recent transactions
  • View your loan activity statement
  • Make payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Transfer funds from your Farm Credit of Florida account to an external checking or savings account

Farm Credit of Florida Mobile App

  • Do everything you can do with Digital Banking from your phone when you are away from your computer with our mobile app for iPhone and Android.
  • Sign up online for Digital Banking first and then download the Farm Credit Mobile app from your smartphone

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The fastest, easiest way to make your Farm Credit installment, AutoDraft electronically deducts your loan payment from your bank account every time it's due. No need to write a check, no cumbersome payment book to keep up with, no envelope to mail. Your payment is always on time, so you don't have to worry about late payments. AutoDraft is the easiest, no-hassle way to keep up with your account.

What can AutoDraft do for you?

  • Give you peace of mind. You’ll know your payment has been made on time, every time. With AutoDraft, you know it’s there.
  • Save you money. You’ll have one less stamp to buy. And, because your payment is always on time, you’ll avoid late charges.
  • Save you time. You’ll have one less check to write each month. One less trip to the mailbox.
Line of Credit Checking and Transfer


FastCash is the fast, safe and dependable way to draw funds from your Farm Credit of Florida Line of Credit loan. FastCash saves you time. And time is money. When you need money fast — to make a purchase, cover a check or just pay operating expenses — we deliver. All it takes is a phone call, and we’ll electronically transfer funds from your Line of Credit loan directly into your bank checking or savings account, posted the next business day.

When you need a check, we’re still here. When you have a FastCash account, you can still get a loan check whenever you need one. Just sign-on Digital Banking, drop by or give us a call, and we’ll write you a check on the spot or mail one to you.

How do I get these services?

Contact Farm Credit of Florida to receive a FastCash form, then return the completed form with your signature and checking or savings account information. Once your FastCash account is activated, you can transfer your funds through Digital Banking whenever you need to.

Account Transfers


AutoBorrow creates a seamless connection between your Farm Credit of Florida loan and Bank of America account. It automatically transfers funds between your loan and your checking account to ensure you achieve the maximum return on your money every day.

What can AutoBorrow do for you?

  • Accurately assess your cash position each day Initiate automatic transactions on a same-day basis for maximum precision
  • Saves you time and money by reducing your interest expense and eliminating expensive wire transfers
  • Make your money work for you by investing idle funds
  • Gives your association the ability to offer cash management solutions for your borrowers.


A simple and safe method of increasing your company's earnings, AgSweep allows you to minimize excess balances and maximize your return on available funds. Sweep accounts are beneficial for borrowers who have a high cash turnover and daily cash needs. With AgSweep, you can link your revolving line of credit (RLOC) loan to your Wells Fargo Bank checking account. Funds are automatically advanced from a line of credit when the commercial checking account falls below the target balance. When excess funds are available in the checking account, the funds are swept and applied to the outstanding balance of the line of credit.

AgSweep spares you the daily task of estimating your cash position, ensuring that your money achieves its maximum return on any given day.

What can AgSweep do for you?

  • Save time and money
  • Accurately assess your cash position each day Initiate automatic transactions on a same-day basis for maximum precision
  • Reduce your interest expense
  • Eliminate expensive wire transfers
  • Make your money work for you by investing idle funds