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Customer Reviews

Tami Bobo

“With Farm Credit, you don’t pay documentary stamp tax or intangible taxes. The savings from these is substantial. Farm Credit is very easy to work with. Once you establish yourself with Farm Credit, they are always there to help you, support you, and promote you. That’s what I love about Farm Credit. With conventional banking, you’re a number. There is no personal connection like there is with Farm Credit. It’s just easier and workable.”

Steve Singleton

“We love that Farm Credit of Florida knows firsthand what it takes to work in modern day agriculture. Many of their employees grew up working on family owned operations just like ours. Their firsthand experience, coupled with their passion of the industry is what makes them the leader in agricultural and rural financing.”

Daniel Pradilla

“This is a top notch organization, they put customer service first, they show it with actions and not just words.”

Brittany Lee

“With the support of Farm Credit we have been able to develop a program to improve best practices and technologies allowing us to become a cutting edge blueberry farm.”   

Sweatt Family

“It would have been a monumental task to get this place financed with anyone else, but Farm Credit and our loan officer made it easy.”

George and Cathy Ruxton

Delafuente Farms
“Anytime someone mentions needing a lender we immediately bring up Farm Credit and share the great experience we had. We recommend Farm Credit to everyone we know.”

Bob Lines

“I know that I can go to Farm Credit and say I’ve got a problem how can you help me out and get to the other side of this problem, and they have always been there for me.”

Dr. Fred Gainous

“I’ve always respected the hard work involved with agriculture, and I am thankful that Farm Credit was able to make my childhood dream of being a farmer come true.”

John R. Newbold III

Forest Groves, Inc.
In the case of Hurricane Matthew and now Irma, the board did not need to provide any direction. It is already ingrained in the culture of Farm Credit that the staff and the employees care about their borrowers.

Ismel Vera

Vera's Nursery
“Farm Credit as the name says everything. They are a bank that supports farmers so I prefer working with Farm Credit than any other banks. We get our support from Farm Credit.”