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Local Leaders. Local Decisions.

Thank you for choosing Farm Credit of Florida for your credit needs. As you know, Farm Credit of Florida is a cooperative lender making you the customer and owner. You can help us by recommending candidates for our Board of Directors and Nominating Committee.

Make a Recommendation

Please take a moment to complete the recommendation form below for the individual you are recommending. You can keep it completely anonymous, or provide your name.

The Details

Board of Director Recommendations

Our Directors are not only members, they are also local leaders in your community. Who do you want to lead your Association?

Recommendations for the Board of Directors will be shared with our Nominating Committee, which is comprised of Stockholders within our chartered territory. The ultimate responsibility of our Board of Directors is to provide governance and oversight to the Association. Directors are compensated for attendance at Board meetings as well as travel expenses.

Qualifications for Directors include:

  • Strong management skills
  • Desire to improve, contribute and serve our industry
  • Promote the best interest of Farm Credit of Florida and its Stockholders
  • An understanding of the agricultural industry and territory served

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is tasked to evaluate, identify, and nominate at least two willing and suitable candidates for each open Director position. The names received for Board recommendations will be shared with our Nominating Committee which is comprised of one member and one alternate from each of the ten Nomination Districts within our chartered territory. 

The Nominating Committee is compensated for attendance at meetings as well as travel expenses.

Qualifications for the Nominating Committee include:

  • Ability to identify, evaluate and nominate candidates for the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee.
  • Endeavor to ensure representation from all areas the Farm Credit of Florida’s territory and as nearly as possible, all types of agricultural practices.
  • Ability to be impartial; preserve independence and not allow others to influence the nomination process.