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Our Crop Insurance Team is Here for You

As our customers across the state make last minute preparations for another hurricane, we want you all to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.

We hope that you will take some solace in knowing that we’ve faced storms like this before, and together we will make it through this one! Please let us know if we can assist you with anything. Your Farm Credit of Florida crop insurance team stands ready to assist through whatever may come our way.

What to Do if Your Operation Suffers Damage

Should your operation sustain damage as a result of Hurricane Ian, we encourage you to refer to the “Duties in the Event of a Loss” section of your crop insurance provisions. That section will detail all your responsibilities as they relate to your crop insurance policy. Below is partial list of what you should and shouldn’t do:

Actions to take prior to a disaster:

  • Review your policy to make sure you know the eligible causes of loss.
  • Ensure your records, including contemporaneous records, are in order and secured.
  • Review your schedule of insurance for established production guarantee, insured acres, coverage level, elected options or endorsements.
  • Make sure you have your agent/company contact information, including email address, cell phone number and 1-800 numbers.

Actions to take after a disaster:

  • Contact your crop insurance agent and follow up in writing (keep a copy for your records). Your crop insurance company will arrange for a loss adjuster to inspect your crop. It is your responsibility to contact your crop insurance agent and initiate this process.
  • Any time you have crop damage that will adversely affect your yield or crop value, you may be eligible to file a claim. Contact your agent within 72 hours after discovery of damage. The loss adjuster will determine whether your yield or revenue falls below the guarantee stated in your policy.
  • If you are still within the window of opportunity to replant your crop, switch to another crop, or if you want to destroy the crop for any reason (such as planting a cover crop), contact your crop insurance agent and let him or her know your intentions immediately. Your crop insurance company must have an opportunity to inspect the crop and release the acres. Destroying your crop before the company releases the acres could result in your claim being denied.
  • If, later in the growing season, your crop is destroyed by a hurricane, for example, or if a severe drought has damaged your crop but you intend to take the crop to harvest, you still need to contact your agent within 72 hours of damage. You must continue to care for the crop until harvest or until your company appraises the crop and releases the acreage.

While you wait for the adjuster, remember these rules:

  • Do not destroy any of your crop.
  • Do not disk.
  • Do not plow.
  • Do not replant.
  • Do nothing to destroy your crop until you have permission from a claims adjuster or an insurance company representative.

Our hope is that this storm will pass you by with no damage to your crops, but should damage occur rest assured that we will be here to help!

If you have questions or need help, contact your crop insurance agent directly or call 888-290-2423.


Duane Mathis

Director of Crop Insurance Services

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