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Bob Lines

“I know that I can go to Farm Credit and say I’ve got a problem how can you help me out and get to the other side of this problem, and they have always been there for me.”

The sun isn’t even up yet and Bob Lines is already saddling up for another day of work at his cattle ranch by meeting with his team to go over the day’s activities. Rising early is something he is all too familiar with.

From a young age his grandfather was already showing him the ropes of the cattle business. “My grandfather, who is my step-grandfather, started in Broward County and he would buy day old calves and he would milk feed them, raise them, and sell them. I was probably about 4 or 5 years old but that began my interest in the cattle business.”

Lines gives full credit to his grandfather for teaching him important lessons early in life like the value of a dollar and how to make things work no matter what. “My grandfather was a conservative fella.  I can remember him tearing down old buildings making me straighten the nails so that he could re-use them. Nothing went to waste with him.”

Even today, faith and family are what’s most important to Lines. He will tell you that his faith has seen him through some tough times, “There were times when we were not sure how we were going to pay our next bill. And believe me faith is the only way I got to the other side of that.”  Through it all he and his wife, Jan, continually taught their two children the same lessons his grandfather taught him. “I feel strongly that my children will make a difference in agriculture . They are committed to this business and I truly know when I’m gone they will be in it, and I hope my grandkids will be in it as well. It is in our blood, without question.”

Not only are Lines and his family in the cattle business, they also own and operate Agricultural Land Services Inc., located in Boynton Beach Florida, a grassing contractor that provides sodding and seeding service to various government projects.

Every farmer and rancher faces weather-related obstacles like droughts, flooding, and especially here in Florida, hurricanes and other severe weather.  When Lines was faced with a period without enough rain and needed help, he chose Farm Credit of Florida.

“Pasture, Rangeland and Forage Crop Insurance for me has been a blessing that I wish I had known about a long time ago. I didn’t think it was worth the gamble in the beginning but it has made all the difference in the world. I don’t know how I have made it this far without it. I now know that if we have drought conditions and I have to spend thousands of extra dollars buying hay and molasses and bringing water to the cows that I have potential funding to cover those losses. I can go to Farm Credit of Florida at any time and say ‘I’ve got a problem how can you help me get to the other side of this problem’ and they will be there for me.”

Since 1916 Farm Credit has been building relationships and trust throughout the agricultural community. Farmers and ranchers like Bob Lines know they can count on Farm Credit of Florida to be there through more than just the good times and to continue to support their operations with exceptional financing and crop insurance options.

“Farm Credit of Florida is a great partner to do business with. I truly do trust their advice, they have made a difference in all that we have done. Their farm financing has helped us grow, and their Crop Insurance has improved our cash flow and strengthened us through bad times.”

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